Fees Table

KayHan Exchange transaction fee is a percentage of the total transaction amount and is calculated based on the following considerations:

  • The commission of the digital currency buyer is deducted in the form of digital currency and the commission of the digital currency seller is deducted from the amount received in Tomans.
  • According to the volume of transactions of the user in the last month, the transaction fee is calculated step by step according to the table opposite.
Amount of transaction volume in the last three monthsTransaction feeUser level
Less than 10 million Tomans0.35%Level 1
Between 10 and 20 million Tomans0.3%Level 2
Between 20 and 100 million Tomans0.25%Level 3
More than 100 million Tomans0.2%Level 4
More than 500 million TomansPlease contact usLevel 5
Fees Table

International digital currency withdrawal fee

NameWithdrawal feeMinimum withdrawal amount
Bitcoin0.00069 BTC0.0014 BTC
Ethereum0.00625 ETH0.01 ETH
TetherERC20 : 50 USDT
TRC20 : 1 USDT
ERC20: 250 USDT
TRC20: 11 USDT
BNB0.0005 BNB0.01 BNB
Terra0.2 LUNA1.3 LUNA
Solana0.47 FIDA0.94 FIDA
Cardano10 ADA1 ADA
Avalanche0.01 AVAX0.1 AVAX

Withdrawal Fee

Withdrawals of money for all accounts will be in the form of a stable transfer once a day. Obviously, the time for settling the money, depending on the time of the withdrawal request, can take up to 24 hours on non-holiday days. Withdrawal fee is 1% of your requested amount.