How to verify your identity on KayHan Exchange

Why should identity be verified?

To prevent fraud, KayHan Exchange will ask you to verify your identity from time-to-time. To be the most trusted digital currency platform, all Identification Documents must be verified through the KayHan Exchange website. We do not accept emailed copies of your identity documents for verification purposes.

Accepted identity documents


  • National Identification Card

Outside of IRAN

  • Passport
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • National Identity Card

Important: Please make sure that your document is valid—we cannot accept expired IDs.

Taking a photo of your Identity Document

Note: For customers outside of the IRAN a passport as your ID document, you must take a picture of the photo and signature page of your passport.

  • Your phone’s camera typically produces the clearest photo
  • Make sure your area is well-lit (natural light works best)
  • Stick your ID card on a white paper according to the below picture (Don’t hold the ID in your fingers) and write this text (“For authentication in KayHan Exchange. I read the rules of the site and accept responsibility for all purchases and sales from my account. I also agree not to share my account and bank cards with anyone else.”) on the paper above your ID card. And sign the paper.
  • Use indirect light for your ID to avoid glare
  • Face the camera directly and include your shoulders to the top of your head
  • Have a plain wall as a background
  • Do not wear sunglasses or a hat