Crypto resources

A little more than a decade ago, Bitcoin emerged as a new kind of money designed for the internet – giving people on opposite sides of the world the ability to exchange value without governments, banks, or anyone else in the middle. In the years since, it’s evolved into an asset worth hundreds of billions of dollars and sparked an entirely new, constantly evolving crypto universe. 

If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of all things crypto, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some of the smartest, most essential resources the internet has to offer: YouTube clips that can help you grapple with arcane concepts, podcast interviews with foundational figures, and the Bitcoin white paper — the document that started it all. 

The case for Bitcoin and the rise of digital money

The best way to understand crypto — how a blockchain works, why it matters, how the space has evolved — is to start with Bitcoin. The original cryptocurrency continues to dominate all other forms of digital money—it’s most people’s gateway to the wider crypto world, and its technology provides the foundation for a lot of what came after. Here are some of the best explanations of what Bitcoin is and how it gave rise to the entire crypto ecosystem.

Why (and how) you should think about investing in Bitcoin

In a remarkably short period of time, Bitcoin’s market cap has gone from essentially zero to nearly $200 billion (as of November 2020). If you want to understand where Bitcoin has been and where it’s headed, we’ve gathered insights from some of crypto’s biggest and smartest investors.

Ethereum and other coins

Ethereum took Bitcoin’s blockchain idea and made it more flexible – allowing it to power everything from games to tools that are creating an entire decentralized alternative to the financial system. But while it might be the second-biggest digital currency by market cap, it’s certainly not the only Bitcoin alternative. Learn about Ether and other altcoins here.

Core concepts

If you want to really understand crypto you need to understand the technology behind it. Get up to speed on concepts ranging from blockchains and decentralization to smart contracts and more.

Best crypto podcasts

Want to take your crypto education offscreen and hear about the latest developments? These crypto podcasts offer behind-the-scenes stories and interviews with key players.